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Limited Quantity Available


Limited Quantity Available

Orders close on Wednesday, November 16th

All items are packed with easy instructions.  All natural pastured raised turkey is brined, lightly smoked, and ready to put in the oven.  Items packed in oven-ready containers.

Wednesday, November 23rd between 12 pm - 4 pm.

Pick up at our location in downtown Spokane

1110 W Riverside Ave

Delivery available upon request

lil pumpkin apple pie_edited_edited.jpg

Thanksgiving Dinner
for  4   $150



Mixed greens tossed with sliced almonds, raspberries, gorgonzola cheese crumbles, & light honey shallot dressing. Dinner rolls & herb butter

Savory Bread Pudding

Kale, sausage, thyme, garlic, country bread, gruyere, & parmesan.

Garlic Green Beans

Green beans sautéed with garlic & butter.


All-natural pastured raised turkey breast brined in citrus and lightly smoked. Top with herb compound butter & put in the oven to finish.

Cranberry Chutney & Gravy

Add on - $4.25 per pie 

Lil Pumpkin Classic

Individual Apple Pie 

lil pumpkin apple pie_edited_edited.jpg
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