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Why choose London's Ultimate Catering?

We're known for a winning combination of delicious food, beautiful presentation, and truly professional service staff. Our reputation is based on consistently satisfying clients and their guests as well as our experience and valued relationships with event planners, venue owners, and managers who appreciate our work ethic and congenial spirit.

The quality of our food is directly linked to the quality of the ingredients we use. Everything that London’s Ultimate Catering serves is made by us, with the best ingredients we can source.

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What is an average price for a catered meal?

There are many different factors that can affect the price  -menu selections, guest count, length of event, and style of service.    By providing us with a few details about your event, we can discuss options relative to your budget and give you a much better idea of the catering

cost for your specific event.  

How far in advance should I book my event?

It is never too soon to reserve your date. Many venues are booked over 1 year in advance, so it’s not unusual to have the caterer booked at that time as well.  Dates in the height of the wedding season (May-October) should be booked 6 months in advance.   However, do not hesitate to call about availability at any time; we can often accommodate last minute requests!

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Bar Service

Our license and insurance permit us to serve but not sell alcohol. We can provide you with a personalized beverage shopping list so you know just how much to buy. There is no corkage fee for the beverages you provide. Our bartenders are professionally trained and certified. They will not only ensure everyone has a great time but will also uphold responsible alcohol serving practices to keep your guests safe. 

Do you provide rentals for my event?.

We are happy to arrange for rentals for your event including coordinating delivery and set up, in order to ensure that you will have everything you need to make your event a success. A large majority of our events take place at locations where almost everything must be brought in, and we know exactly what will be needed for any type of event.  

Can you  accommodate special dietary requests or needs for guests, such as gluten free, vegan, vegetarian? 

 One of our signature features is that we give our clients many choices!  Because everything is made from scratch, it is very simple to alter a dish to compliment your tastes or come up with something totally new.   Our chefs are well versed on special dietary needs, such as diabetic or gluten free.   We are chefs first so we like the challenge!  

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