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For the past decade,  London’s Ultimate  Catering has been creating memorable experiences through the art of fresh cuisine,  impeccable service, and flawless execution.


From business meetings to life’s most cherished moments; our creative and  enthusiastic team of planners, chefs, servers, and bartenders work with you to deliver inspiring dishes and unforgettable  experiences.


Centrally located in downtown Spokane,

we cater events in all surrounding areas.  

From Pullman to Northern Idaho.  

We look forward to speaking with you

about your special event!


The Basics…………..


Food should always be vibrant, fresh, and flavorful.   We focus on ingredients that are seasonally fresh and locally grown as much as possible.   Selecting high quality ingredients, picked at their

peak is our secret to creating delicious food.   


We respect nutritional preferences and maintain high standards with dietary accommodations including vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and more.  

There is no menu that cannot be expertly tailored to meet your needs.


The secret to great catering is having your food prepared on-site, as close to serving time as possible. This means finishing cooking on-site, rather than holding food warm for hours before serving it to your guests.   We serve things fresh and hot, right off the grill/oven,

by creating a kitchen wherever we go!

The Style…………….


 The menu should highlight the style of your event.


Our presentation sets us apart.  We have a large collection of decor that can be coordinated with the theme of your event and are a complimentary part of our service. 

  Your style should shine throughout the event not just as guests walk in.


Our buffets, bars, and action stations are designed to compliment your style

and vision of the event.  

Over Bluff Cellars Wedding


We understand weddings and everything that makes them special, From time-honored traditions to original twists.  

Let us help you create your vision of the perfect day by

starting with beautiful food and excellent service.